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Full Version: new avatar
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I know it's been discussed before, but how do i shrink a digital photo so I can use it as an avatar???


RJ's got a more detailed explanation somewhere but basically, you open it in paint, go to image, then to stretch/skew and adjust those percentages down so it's the right size. I think he explained how to figure out the right size, I just guess and redo it if I have to.

If you have Micro Soft Office you will need to learn how to use the compress feature in Microsoft Office Picture Manager. You will find the Picture manager in Microsoft Office Tools. The compress feature is found in the "edit picture" section. I have the 2003 version of MSO - older versions are somewhat different.

You just have to spend a liitle time with it, and you can become a pro like just about everyone else here but me.:D

Good Luck


Here is a good link for detailed instructions:
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